Our Portfolio

We have designed, implemented and delivered a number of successful e-learning solutions & websites in several languages:

The HarmReduction.eu knowledge hub is a knowledge center and capacity building instrument for policy-makers and service providers, a way to collect (new) examples of good practice on the related health interventions, a source to disseminate the project findings, result and deliverables of the overall project.
The CARE project aimed at producing, collating and disseminating data and knowledge on drug use and related risks in prisons and on drug treatment, harm reduction, overdose prevention in custodial settings and reintegration upon release. The project contributed to the continuity of care for prisoners from prisons to the community and aims at high quality health care delivery.
The course was delivered in three languages: English, Russian and Polish. In the years 2012-2013 the course was implemented as an instructor-paced in Russian language. In the years 2014-2015 all language versions are available as self-paced courses.